The Making of Suess

Last year's puffy badge was both a learning experience and a reasonable success, selling out in a matter of minutes. Armed with the knowledge of mistakes from last year, Miri and I began designing another badge in late 2017, and it's looking like it will come together for DEF CON 26! Here's the skinny:

The Making of Puffy

At DEFCON 24, the so-called “Bender badges” from AND!XOR were selling like hotcakes. To get mine, I had to huddle with a group of people in the Bally's elevator lobby, refreshing their Twitter feed. When they finally posted what floor they were on, a stampede ensued.

I was familiar with village and party badges, but didn't know that standalone badges on their own could be popular. Inspired by this success, I decided to make some badges for DC25, and with some help from my SO, I've done just that.

DesuNet Genesis

It has long been a goal of mine to operate a server closet, annoucing a meager allocation of IP addresses, allowing me to host a mail server away from prying eyes, and an web server away from prying hands (ie, for free). Today, that dream is finally a reality! Let me tell you a story, friend.

Old Steam Theme for Hugo

It is with great embarrassment that I would like to announce that I spent the better part of my Saturday writing this ridiculous theme. You can clone the git repo and apply it to your own Hugo site from my repo on GitLain.

Read on for some instructions and design notes.


Since Twitter is no good for anything cohesive, this space will serve as my ranting area.

The name of this site is a reference to the text encoding of the same name, that is one of the more common encodings used in Japanese computing, along with ISO-2022-JP for emails, and EUC-JP for UNIX-like systems. All three are becoming increasingly rare, in favor of UTF-8. I mainly picked it for the domain hack (my first choice was, which was sadly taken and unused).

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